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Automatically earn free rewards as you shop at 4000+ UK online stores

Marie Claire VIP requires the Safari or Chrome browser

How to Use Marie Claire VIP

Add Marie Claire VIP to your web browser, it's free!
Add Marie Claire VIP to your web browser, it's free!
Shop online as normal, having VIP means you will earn points automatically at 4000 stores!
Redeem your points points for gift cards

Earn points at 4000+ online stores in the UK, the best in fashion & beauty and many others!

Marie Claire VIP membership benefits


Earn from 1% to 15% of your purchases in points
Exchange points for gift cards and other rewards
Free beauty samples
VIP is completely free!
Access Exclusive discounts & codes, only for VIP members


How many points will I earn per purchase?

The number of points you will get will depend on how much you spend and at which store you are purchasing from. When you visit a retailer using the Chrome extension, you will be able to see the highest possible reward amount.

Is it free?

Yes, Marie Claire VIP is free to use. There is no membership fee or subscription required to earn points.

How does VIP make money?

VIP makes a small amount every time you purchase from a store. We don't make money from selling your data, we keep it private!

What kind of rewards can I get with my points?

You will be able to redeem your points for gift cards at the most popular online and high-street shops, and have access to member perks exclusive to Marie Claire VIP.

Can I use Marie Claire VIP without installing the browser extension?

VIP currently only supports Chrome and Safari. We are working hard to bring it to more browsers so stay tuned! A browser extension is like an app for your browser, it allows VIP to give you unique and easy to use features.

What if I have questions about my VIP account?

Marie Claire VIP customers can reach out to our support team with any questions about their account.